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An Overview of Arizona’s Child Pornography Laws

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jul 6, 2020

Arizona’s Child Pornography Laws Arizona law prohibits anyone from possessing, distributing, or producing pornography that includes individuals under the age of 18. If a person distributes this type of material across state lines, that individual will likely be charged with a federal crime. It is important to note that minors who share photos or videos…

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Fighting an Indecent Exposure or Public Nudity Charge

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 6, 2020

Indecent exposure or public nudity may seem harmless enough, but it can carry severe consequences. In many states, such an offense can actually land someone on the sex offender registry. Arizona is one such state. In Arizona and other jurisdictions, laws regulate behavior. Statutes covering sexual violations and indecent acts seek to protect the public.…

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How to Define Your Status in a Federal Criminal Investigation

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 4, 2020

In a Federal criminal investigation, individuals involved are separated into three categories: suspect, target, and witness. If Federal authorities believe you may have committed a crime, you will be referred to as a suspect or a target. There is also a chance that you will be summoned to talk to investigators if you have information…

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Arizona grand jury indicts two men for guns and drugs

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 4, 2020

The Associated Press reports that an Arizona grand jury has filed indictments against two men for possessing assault rifles and selling drugs. These two men are believed to be part of a drug trafficking ring. Drugs and guns The two men were indicted on a charge of selling meth. They were also discovered to be…

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Elements of a Good Plea Bargain

By The Nolan Law Firm | Mar 19, 2020

There is often a lot of concern about what makes for a bad plea deal, but not so much attention on what makes a good one. Knowing what a good deal contains can make it much easier for you to make the decision about accepting any deal the prosecution may offer you. Furthermore, having this…

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The Factors Involved in Sexual Assault

By The Nolan Law Firm | Mar 4, 2020

Any sexual activity that is not agreed to by one of the involved parties is a sexual assault. These activities can include unwanted touching, taking explicit photos without permission, or forced kissing. It can also include more serious assaults like rape. Residents of Arizona need to understand that sexual assault can happen to a member…

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Drug Possession and Trafficking Laws in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Nov 13, 2019

If you receive a drug possession conviction in Arizona, the state may impose felony-level penalties. The exact consequences for this crime vary by the circumstances of your case, including any history of prior convictions, the type and amount of substance, and whether evidence exists to support the intent to distribute the substance. Before facing drug…

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3 Things to Know About Plea Bargains

By The Nolan Law Firm | Nov 12, 2019

Criminal cases often end with a plea bargain. This avoids going to trial and allows you to negotiate the terms of your conviction. Plea bargains can be good deals, but sometimes, they may not be the best choice. The decision to make a deal or not is up to you. Remember, if you do not…

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Appealing a Criminal Conviction May Take a Long Time

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 12, 2019

If a judge or jury has convicted you of a felony offense in the Grand Canyon State, you have a right to appeal your conviction. Furthermore, if you are facing a death sentence, your matter has an automatic appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. You should realize, though, that appeals often take a significant amount…

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Does Arizona Have a “Make My Day” Law?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Sep 5, 2019

Most states have some kind of legislation that protects people who are defending themselves and their property from being liable for an assault or murder charge, and Arizona is no exception. The premise of Arizona’s “castle doctrine” (or “stand your ground law” as it is sometimes called) is that if you are being directly threatened,…

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