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Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Never Outworked

At The Nolan Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring that our clients obtain the best possible outcomes for their cases. We do this through hard work and the application of decades of experience. Our lawyers know how to fight and prevail when it matters most.

Todd Nolan is regarded throughout Arizona as an outstanding criminal defense attorney. That type of reputation is invaluable when dealing with prosecutors and judges. It puts you in a position to get the best possible outcome.

It is time to face facts. Your freedom and future are in jeopardy. Now is not the time to roll the dice on your choice of an attorney. To get the skilled legal help you need now, contact us today.

Vast Experience With Every Type Of Criminal Case

We provide the highly effective criminal defense representation people need when facing criminal charges such as:

  • DUI – Do not underestimate the problems a DUI conviction can cause. Take action now to defend your rights and your driving privileges.
  • Drug charges – Drug charges carry substantial potential penalties. Make sure your rights are well-protected.
  • Domestic violence – Domestic violence charges and related restraining orders can upend your life overnight. We can help you.
  • Sex crimes – Apart from the stigma sex crime charges carry, frequently there is the possibility of having to serve a lengthy prison term and to live the rest of your life as a registered sex offender. Fighting now is the only option.
  • Homicide – Prosecutors take any loss of life seriously. Make sure your lawyer is up to the challenge of defending you against homicide charges.
  • Assault – Assault charges are often based on one side of the story. We can make sure your side is heard as well.
  • Probation violations – Being found to have violated your probation can have you immediately taken to jail. Do not go to a probation violation hearing without skilled defense representation.
  • Juvenile crimes – A strong defense can help ensure that your child’s rights are respected and that he or she has the best chance for a better future after facing juvenile crime charges.
  • White-collar crimes – Do not allow white-collar crime charges to destroy the professional reputation you have worked so hard to build. Secure an experienced defense.
  • Weapons charges – As stand-alone charges or as an aggravating factor that increases the potential consequences of another charge, weapons charges can carry substantial penalties.
  • Federal charges – Federal criminal defense is different from defending against criminal charges in state courts. Make sure your attorney has that specific experience.

We also help people with post-conviction relief and appeals.

Is Your Freedom At Risk?

When your freedom and your future are at stake, you need an attorney who knows how to achieve the best possible results. At. The Nolan Law Firm, we have decades of experience protecting defendants who are facing life-altering charges, such as sex crimes, white-collar crimes, weapons charges, and even homicide.

These are complex cases that hinge on facts and a deep understanding of both state and federal law. We leave nothing to chance when preparing for trial or when negotiating with prosecutors.

In addition, we have years of experience in appellate law. We handle appeals throughout the state, both for state and federal cases.

If you are at risk of losing everything, it is time to contact The Nolan Law Firm.

Has The Government Taken Your Property?

In some situations, the government is allowed to take property that was allegedly used in the commission of a crime.

But Arizona law enforcement agencies abuse forfeiture laws every day.

At The Nolan Law Firm, our lawyers believe forfeiture of property is wrong. That is why our attorneys will fight vigorously to help you keep or regain what the government has unfairly taken from you.

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