Your Child Could Be Tried As An Adult

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Legal Defense For Juvenile Crimes

Chapter 8 of the Arizona revised statutes applies to juvenile offenders. However, depending on the age of the juvenile, the prosecutor and the courts may determine to treat your child as an adult in criminal court.

Call us today if your child has been charged with a crime or is involved in any juvenile adjudication proceedings in Phoenix, AZ. Your child’s future is worth fighting for.

Why Young People Make Mistakes

Young adults have many more opportunities to make bad decisions. There is the scientific fact that the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for reasoning, impulses and decision-making, does not fully mature until the age of 25. This delayed development can have noticeable effects on adolescent behavior, including:

  • Difficulty controlling emotions
  • A preference for high excitement and low-effort activities
  • Poor planning and judgment (rarely thinking of negative consequences)
  • Risky, impulsive behaviors, including experimenting with drugs and alcohol

The team at The Nolan Law Firm understands these realities. One bad choice should not adversely affect a young person for the rest of their life.

Whether they are charged with car theft, drug possession, assault or some other indiscretion, our first priority is that your son or daughter not be tried as an adult. This is because, if convicted, juvenile records remain sealed, and when the juvenile turns 18, their records are usually expunged if they have met certain conditions outlined by the presiding judge.

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