The Risk Factors Involved in Sexual Assault

Any sexual activity that is not agreed to by one of the involved parties is a sexual assault. These activities can include unwanted touching, taking explicit photos without permission, or forced kissing. It can also include more serious assaults like rape. Residents of Arizona need to understand that sexual assault can happen to a member of either sex at any age.

people holding hands The Centers for Disease Control cites several risk factors which influence the perpetration of sex crimes. These factors fall into the individual, family, societal, and community categories. Here are some examples of individuals who are at a higher risk of sexual assault:

  • On Arizona college campuses, female freshmen and LGBTQ, and other gender non-conforming students are highest at risk for sexual assault.
  • A family history of violence or substance abuse also increases the risk of sexual victimization.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic is also an increased risk factor, trapping assault victims in the homes of their abusers. The Arizona Coalition To End Sexual and Domestic Violence is offering resources for victims of sexual assault during the pandemic.

Sexual Assault & Alcohol

The use of alcohol is not a direct cause of sexual assault but is one of the most relevant risk factors. Over-consumption of alcohol on the part of the perpetrator or victim can contribute to sexual misconduct taking place. Alcohol often makes people more aggressive and can increase both emotional instability and sexual desire. Ethanol, a top component of alcohol, can also harm the parts of the brain that govern violent and sexual behavior.

A large percentage of sexual assaults are committed by men who feel more powerful after taking a few drinks. It is also worth noting that despite the fact that alcohol consumption by the victim is a risk factor, the responsibility always belongs to the perpetrator.

Criminal Defense Against Sexual Assault Charges

Individuals charged with sexual assault face serious allegations that can affect their lives for many years to come. It is important to mount an effective criminal defense to minimize damage to the accused. An experienced criminal defense attorney may help protect the rights of sexual assault defendants.

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