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Protecting Your Life Against the Damage Domestic Violence Charges Can Cause

There are serious consequences for domestic violence charges that, unlike other types of criminal charges, can take effect immediately. For example, you could be subjected to an order of protection that may do any or all of the following:

  • Keep you out of the family home
  • Prevent you from seeing your children
  • Require you to turn over your firearms

The immediacy of these consequences calls for an immediate response. We are highly skilled at writing motions and building a complete defense against domestic violence charges and related issues.

Here For You At Hearings

We understand that a full defense of this type of criminal charge requires more than just defending against the charge itself. This is why we provide assistance with order of protection hearings and temporary injunctions.

We want to help resolve not just the charges, but the full impact that these allegations are having on your life. We want you to be able to put these issues behind you and move forward with your life.

False Domestic Violence Allegations

It is an unfortunate reality that domestic violence allegations are sometimes used in divorce, child custody, and other types of situations to create an unfair disadvantage for you. If this is what has happened in your situation, we understand and can begin helping you fight.

We Are Ready To Help

At The Nolan Law Firm, we are prepared to assist with all aspects of your case, from fighting the actual charges and opposing an order of protection to dealing with post-conviction issues such as working to secure the return of your firearms.

We are a team with decades of combined criminal defense experience, and we are dedicated to securing the best possible solutions for our clients, no matter how challenging the situation. Let us help you overcome the charges you are facing.

We Serve Clients In Phoenix And Throughout Arizona

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