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Federal Crimes Can Carry Big Consequences

What is the difference between a federal crime and a state crime?

Assault, for example, is generally prosecuted by a state court because it is an act against a single person and is prohibited by state law. Counterfeiting currency, however, is considered a federal offense because the production of money is regulated by the federal government.

Federal offenses generally carry higher sentences than state offenses. If you or your loved one has been charged with a federal crime, you need a skilled defense. At The Nolan Law Firm, we focus only on criminal defense and appeals. Our lawyers are a husband-and-wife team who will work tirelessly to build a solid defense for your case.

What’s Considered a Federal Offense?

Federal offenses are investigated differently than state offenses. Examples of federal crimes include:

  • Mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Bank robbery
  • Aggravated assault, specifically in cases where the victim was violently threatened or harmed
  • Some drug charges, depending on the type of substance and the amount
  • White collar crimes, including tax evasion, insider trading, and money laundering
  • Some weapons charges

When facing federal charges, you need lawyers who understand the federal courts. At The Nolan Law Firm, that’s what you will get.

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