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Do Not Take Probation Violations Lightly

Too many people assume everything is going to be fine when they go in for a hearing for an alleged probation violation.

Maybe you believe that your probation officer is not being reasonable, so you do not need to worry about what he or she has to say. Maybe you believe there is a reasonable explanation for what he or she is calling a violation.

You Can Go Directly To Jail

No matter what you think, you should always prepare for the worst. The reality is that you can be taken to jail directly from court with no time to make arrangements for child care or deal with your job.

This makes it all the more important that you are fully prepared when you appear for a probation violation hearing. Having experienced counsel by your side can help in several ways, including the following:

  • We can help make sure that the court understands exactly what happened during your alleged violation.
  • We can work to explain any discrepancies between your probation officer’s statement of the facts and yours.
  • We can work to ensure that the court understands and appreciates the full circumstances of your situation.

If the court is inclined to revoke your probation, we can take immediate action to help keep you out of jail. Do not face the possibility of going to jail without counsel you trust.

We Will Protect Your Rights

At The Nolan Law Firm, we have decades of combined criminal defense experience that allow us to offer our clients highly effective representation. We can work to protect your rights and ensure that you do not find yourself facing the prospect of being in court with no one there to help you make your case.

We understand that probation violation hearings are not minor proceedings that you can make assumptions about. We are always prepared to make the strongest defense for our clients.

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