Arizona Grand Jury Indicts Two Men for Guns and Drugs

The Associated Press reports that an Arizona grand jury has filed indictments against two men for possessing assault rifles and selling drugs. These two men are believed to be part of a drug trafficking ring.

Drugs and guns

The two men were indicted on a charge of selling meth. They were also discovered to be in possession of 10 assault rifles, which is a crime when committing a drug offense.

In August 2020, law enforcement officers observed what was believed to be a drug transaction. Based on what was observed, law enforcement officers obtained a search warrant for the two men’s home. A search of their home uncovered approximately 20 pounds of meth and 10 AK-47 style assault rifles. Authorities think that the two men intended to smuggle the weapons into nearby Mexico.

In custody

Both men were charged with ten counts each of misconduct involving weapons. They also face felony conspiracy charges, along with felony illegal enterprise, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, and sale of dangerous drugs.

It is currently unknown if either man has found an attorney to speak on their behalf. Serious charges such as these require an experienced attorney to make sure that your rights are not violated or worse. In many cases, defendants can be coerced into bad plea agreements because they are unaware of their rights, and they are frightened because they have been taken into custody.

Criminal law attorneys cannot only defend you when you are innocent but can also make sure that you are not railroaded into a bad plea deal should you wish to plead guilty in your case. Their services can be invaluable in cases such as these where there are multiple, interrelated charges.

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