As experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys, including our Criminal Law Specialist, Todd E. Nolan, the criminal defense attorneys at the Nolan Law Firm know that experience, fight, work ethic, and integrity are the keys to successfully defending clients in any type of criminal case. There are no substitutes. When your life is on the line, a criminal defense attorney has to work harder and do better than his or her best effort to restore your peace of mind and look for a way out.

When the experienced attorneys of The Nolan Law Firm walk into a courtroom with a client, no stone is left unturned, every issue has is evaluated, and every argument considered. We vowed a long time ago that we would never lose a case because we were unprepared. We are not about to start now. Our criminal defense attorneys make sure that we out-work the prosecutor and give our clients the best possible opportunity we can for a successful outcome.

Arizona Criminal Defense Specialties

The Nolan Law Firm handles felony and misdemeanor cases, defending adults and juveniles in every type of criminal case. Our Arizona defense attorneys have vast experience, including Before Charges Are Filed, DUI, Sex Crimes, Vehicular Crimes, Homicide, MVD Suspensions, Probation Violations, Property Crimes, Theft Offenses, and White Collar Crimes. IF THERE IS A WAY OUT, THE CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS AT THE NOLAN LAW FIRM WILL FIND IT! The Nolan Law Firm represents people who are at the initial stages of a criminal proceeding, or even those who have not yet been charged and who need a defense attorney to consult with regarding possible criminal charges. In addition, if you or someone you love was represented by another defense attorney and have already been convicted but need post-conviction help, the experienced defense attorneys at The Nolan Law Firm can represent you in any Appeal, Post-Conviction Relief (Rule 32), Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Petition to Terminate Probation, or any other post-conviction matter. The experienced defense attorneys of The Nolan Law Firm defend clients in Federal, State, Justice, and Municipal Courts throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area and all of Arizona.

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