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Lawyer discussing legal case with client

Best Advice for Consulting with a Lawyer

By The Nolan Law Firm | Aug 26, 2021

Meeting with a lawyer for the first time to evaluate your case can be a bit overwhelming. From understanding the legal intricacies of your case well enough to convey them to wondering how you will pay for an attorney’s services to asking yourself how to consult with a lawyer in the first place, it can…

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black revolver gun with bullets

Penalties for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jul 28, 2021

In the state of Arizona, there are several types of offenses that could land you in jail or at least result in some sort of legal penalty. One of these offenses is the criminal negligence charge of unlawful discharge of a firearm, along with more severe penalties related to the discharge of a firearm. To…

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Car theft and break in

Auto Theft Laws in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 28, 2021

A major contribution to the statistics of crime is auto theft. It is more common in developed countries, especially when the rate of stolen cars is calculated per registered vehicle. Significant differences between rural areas and cities can only be partially explained by changes in the overall crime rate or the availability of cars. Many…

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Drug packages, raw opium, drug dozens and weapons seized by police

Drug Trafficking Laws in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 21, 2021

Drug possession and drug trafficking in Arizona can lead to serious penalties. The severity of the penalties depends largely on the drug involved, your criminal history, and your intent for the drug. Without expert legal help, you could be facing extensive prison time, hefty fines, and other penalties. What amount of drugs is considered trafficking…

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woman driving

How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 17, 2021

Living without driving privileges is possible, but it’s not always easy. Sure, you can use public transportation, bike, or call a ridesharing service, but often those options can be limiting. If you’re feeling frustrated about not having your license, it may be time to think about how you can get your driving privileges back. Depending…

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Consequences for Sex Crime Convictions in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 12, 2021

Sex offenders are defined under the law as individuals who have been convicted of one or more sex-related criminal offenses. Examples of crimes that can land a convicted person on a sex offender registry include sexual conduct involving a minor and sexual assault. Types of Sex Crimes The complete list and exact definition of sex crimes can…

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Restraining Order

How to Fight a Restraining Order in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 3, 2021

An Order of Protection is an important legal tool that helps many people who are subject to abusive situations escape those situations and keep themselves, and sometimes their children protected against someone who is a threat. Unfortunately, not everyone who seeks an Order of Protection in Arizona actually needs one. Sometimes restraining orders are sought…

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drug crimes

Defenses Against Drug Charges in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Apr 11, 2021

Drug charges of any kind can have a severe impact on a convicted person’s rights, future, and freedom. When consequences to these charges can last years, it pays to build a serious defense against the charges. Many states across the country are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. While it seems as if a new…

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Jury Trial

Gag Orders in a Criminal Case

By The Nolan Law Firm | Apr 3, 2021

Roger Stone’s federal trial and the judge’s consideration of a “gag order” brings up the interesting conflict between the right to free speech and the guarantee of a fair trial. Failure to protect trial rights in and out of the courtroom is one of the grounds for criminal appeals. What is a “Gag Order” in Court? A gag…

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Riding a horse

Can You Get a DUI on a Horse in Arizona?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Apr 2, 2021

Arizona has strict DUI laws, including some obscure ones that can carry devastating legal and financial consequences. One question that equestrians in the state often want to know is if you can get a DUI on a horse in Arizona. Here’s an exposition of the state’s DUI laws and how they apply to intoxicated horse…

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