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Penalties for a First-Time DUI Offense in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 12, 2021

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence in Arizona, you may be curious to know what kinds of penalties and fines you can expect. Arizona is one of the toughest states when it comes to DUI laws.  According to Arizona law, it is illegal to drive or otherwise be in control of a…

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Person typing on laptop

Online Child Abuse, Exploitation and Child Grooming

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 12, 2021

With all its virtues, the internet has made the sexual abuse and exploitation of children easier, so the web is a prime hunting ground for predators. Both real and false claims of online sexual abuse occur all over the United States, including in Arizona. What is online child sexual abuse? Online child sexual abuse occurs…

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probation hearing in court

What Is a Motion to Revoke Probation?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 1, 2021

Probation is an agreement in essence between the convicted party and the sentencing party that the convicted individual will adhere to certain guidelines, instead of serving prison or jail time. The main purpose of probation is the rehabilitation of a defendant and is often relegated to cases that involve first-time or low-risk offenders. When the…

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What Are the Consequences for Drunk Driving in AZ?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Sep 13, 2021

If you choose to drive drunk in Arizona, the consequences can vary based on if this has happened before, how old you are and how much alcohol was in your system while you were driving. These are just a few factors that the Arizona Department of Public Safety identifies as considerations when the consequences for drunk…

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Lawyer discussing legal case with client

Best Advice for Consulting with a Lawyer

By The Nolan Law Firm | Aug 26, 2021

Meeting with a lawyer for the first time to evaluate your case can be a bit overwhelming. From understanding the legal intricacies of your case well enough to convey them to wondering how you will pay for an attorney’s services to asking yourself how to consult with a lawyer in the first place, it can…

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Phoenix police search

What Makes a Law Enforcement Search Illegal?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Aug 19, 2021

Arizona residents are right to expect some level of privacy in their personal lives. For example, they should expect that they can live as they please within the law within their homes without the threat of law enforcement officials barging in and investigating their actions and property. However, under some circumstances, police and other government…

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black revolver gun with bullets

Penalties for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jul 28, 2021

In the state of Arizona, there are several types of offenses that could land you in jail or at least result in some sort of legal penalty. One of these offenses is the criminal negligence charge of unlawful discharge of a firearm, along with more severe penalties related to the discharge of a firearm. To…

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Car theft and break in

Auto Theft Laws in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 28, 2021

A major contribution to the statistics of crime is auto theft. It is more common in developed countries, especially when the rate of stolen cars is calculated per registered vehicle. Significant differences between rural areas and cities can only be partially explained by changes in the overall crime rate or the availability of cars. Many…

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Drug packages, raw opium, drug dozens and weapons seized by police

Drug Trafficking Laws in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 21, 2021

Drug possession and drug trafficking in Arizona can lead to serious penalties. The severity of the penalties depends largely on the drug involved, your criminal history, and your intent for the drug. Without expert legal help, you could be facing extensive prison time, hefty fines, and other penalties. What amount of drugs is considered trafficking…

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woman driving

How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated

By The Nolan Law Firm | May 17, 2021

Living without driving privileges is possible, but it’s not always easy. Sure, you can use public transportation, bike, or call a ridesharing service, but often those options can be limiting. If you’re feeling frustrated about not having your license, it may be time to think about how you can get your driving privileges back. Depending…

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