Allegations of sex crimes can damage a person’s reputation

There is nothing easy about defending one’s self against criminal charges related to rape, sexual misconduct or solicitation. For this reason, individuals who must confront sex crime charges will need to conduct a thorough assessment of their options when establishing the defense strategies. The Nolan Law Firm is available to help those who are caught in the difficult process of working through sex crime allegations and are committed to supporting them in court.

Sex crime allegations can do more than just hurt a person’s reputation. Aside from the fact that a wrongful rape or misconduct charge may hang over a person’s life indefinitely and strain the relationships that they have with their families, friends and colleagues, a wrongful conviction may close the door to many opportunities the individual may have otherwise enjoyed.

Sex crime convictions can place barriers on the types of work that individuals can do and the places where they can live. These convictions carry with them serious penalties that can include periods of incarceration and significant fines.

The defense of an alleged sex crime is a serious matter. Planning a criminal defense strategy in a sex crimes case can involve a meticulous approach to reviewing the evidence that the prosecution will attempt to present and, perhaps, defendants may even be able to attempt to suppress certain items of evidence. Our readers who are facing these charges can learn more by visiting our law firm’s website and exploring what options they have when facing a sex crime charge.

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