Arizona gymnastics coach cleared of sexual misconduct allegations

Earlier this year former sports doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to prison for allegedly committing misconduct against a number of athletes who were under his care. His case sparked outrage in Arizona and throughout the rest of the country and caused youth sports organizations to take a careful look at how athletes are treated in specific programs. This deep examination of alleged misconduct and abuse in youth sports affected an Arizona gymnastics facility owner who has been involved in youth athletics for years.

The accused had been the owner of the Arizona Sunrays since 1990 when allegations of sexual misconduct were lodged against him. A former athlete allegedly came forward and claimed that he had abused them and as a result the accused was removed from his position and forced out of coaching. After an investigation of the claims that dated back to 1986, the owner was cleared of any wrongdoing and was allowed to return to his work.

This post highlights one of the often forgotten consequences of being accused of sex crimes or sexual misconduct: the potential for a person to lose their employment or to be forced out of a line of work because of the population it puts them into contact with. Had the results of the associated investigation taken longer to obtain or yielded a different outcome the owner may have found himself jobless and preparing for a significant legal battle.

Allegations of sexual misconduct are damaging at best and can ruin the lives of those who must fight them. Individuals who are on the receiving end of these serious legal charges can work their cases with criminal defense attorneys who understand what is at stake when sex crimes are alleged.

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