Why Authorities Drop Drug Charges

If you are charged with drug possession or other drug crimes in Arizona, you could face significant consequences if convicted. However, there is a chance that the charge will be reduced or dropped altogether. Let’s look at some of the reasons why authorities would be willing to drop a case or agree to a plea deal.

Why prosecutors pursue plea deals

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A plea deal may allow you to get rid of a drug charge in exchange for a guilty plea on other charges levied against you. Often, plea deals are offered as a means of obtaining a conviction in a timely and less expensive manner. In many cases, misdemeanor or other charges are dropped in favor of earning a conviction on a felony charge.

The majority of felony convictions are obtained through plea deals according to the Department of Justice. A prosecutor may offer a plea deal as a reward for providing information about other people who may be involved in criminal activity.

Other reasons a drug charge might be dropped

Police officers are generally not allowed to search your vehicle, home, or other possessions without probable cause or a warrant. If evidence is obtained in an improper or illegal manner, it will likely be thrown out before or during a trial. This may result in the entire case against you being dismissed.

If there is reason to believe that an officer acted in a corrupt manner, his or her credibility may be called into question. This may be true whether an officer acted improperly in your case or in any other drug cases that he or she has been involved in.

If you have been charged with drug possession, trafficking, or distribution, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney. He or she may cast doubt on evidence used to charge you with a crime. It may also be possible to negotiate a lenient sentence in exchange for information that you may have about others who participated in a criminal scheme with you.

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