Sex crimes charges involve pastor at high school

Residents of Arizona may have heard about an alleged sex crime incident that garnered media attention. A Michigan pastor faces arrest for charges related to the sexual assault of underage males. The case involves the pastor allegedly providing monetary compensation to the youth to have sexual relations with his wife. Details related to the case suggest that the pastor watched the young men and his wife while they had sexual relations.

The pastor faces a total count of 11 felony charges. The charges include child sexual abuse and criminal sexual conduct. Reportedly, the incidents occurred over three years. If convicted, the accused man faces decades in prison.

Details about the case reveal that the accused pastor worked at a local high school. According to police, it was at the school where he initially came in contact with the boys. The pastor denies the charges.

All persons accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Adults may face unfounded charges, or a sex abuse case may derive from false testimony. Each case is different and involves specific circumstances that need to be presented before a judge to defend against the charges.

A person facing charges related to sex crimes may wish to speak with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney may be able to help the client with a defense strategy to refute the charges. In other situations, the attorney might work with the client and the courts to devise a plea bargain arrangement. For example, if the evidence against the client is compelling, an attorney may be able to negotiate reducing felony charges to misdemeanors in order to ensure a quick resolution for the prosecutor overseeing the case.

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