Murder case from April back in the headlines

Sometimes a case in Arizona is very straightforward. In fact, most cases have obvious signs pointing to what happened. However, with murder cases, there is always the chance that things are not what they seem. This is something that can throw off detectives and lead to delays in the investigation. As soon as law enforcement unravels all the details of a case, it can lead to a very interesting story. 

A murder from April 2019, just made the news again. This time it was for a witness in the case. A female witness to the murder underwent an assault through social media by a romantic partner of one of the co-defendants in the case. This other woman posted a nude photo of the witness with a slanderous note. 

The other woman stole the witness’s phone and posted this to social media. She now faces charges for unlawful distribution of images and computer tampering. This incident between the two females occurred on the day of the arrest, but the other female is just now facing charges related to it. 

It is unclear if this is at all related to the murder, which occurred on April 10, 2019. Law enforcement arrested two men, ages 33 and 24, for the shooting death of a 33-year old in Chandler. It is worth noting that both females in the situation were dating one of the suspects in the murder case. 

People often act in ways they would not normally when a situation involves matters of the heart. However, when a person commits a crime in relation to a murder, it can bring about more serious charges. 

Source: ABC 15 

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