Arizona Cards release lineman after aggravated assault arrest

Phoenix’s KNXV aired a report on new details released in court documents in the arrest of former Arizona Cardinals lineman Darius Philon. The defensive end was signed earlier this year by the team, but was released a few days ago after his arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The 25-year-old was arrested after a woman contacted Phoenix police to allege that Philon had pointed a gun at her in the parking lot of Vlive club in late June. She told law enforcement officials that she had delayed reporting the alleged assault because she had been offered money to keep quiet about the incident.

According to court documents, the woman was contacted by FBI investigators who apparently told her that she was the focus of an extortion investigation. She said that the information from the FBI prompted her to call local police.

Law enforcement officials say the woman is employed at the club. She said that she and a co-worker met with Philon and another man in a vehicle in the club parking lot and that during the encounter, Philon allegedly pulled a gun, pointed it at her and asked which of the two women wanted a bullet.

She said she convinced the football player to put the gun down, but that he repeated the act before she and the co-worker went back inside the club.

She claims that Philon came back to the club a couple of days later, saying that he “needed to make this right” with her and the co-worker.

Police say the co-worker confirmed the woman’s version of events, though Philon’s male friend said he never saw a gun during the encounter.

Philon has reportedly told police that he was indeed at the club on June 20, and that he owns a handgun, but that he did not have the weapon with him. He also said the woman’s claims are “all over money” and that the FBI’s investigation showed that he didn’t point a gun at anyone that night.

The Cards released him the day after his arrest.

Their quick action shows just how damaging an arrest can be to a person’s career. Obviously, a conviction would have even more serious repercussions.

If you face similar accusations, contact a Mesa attorney experienced in assault defense before talking to investigators or prosecutors.

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