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Indecent exposure and related defense matters

In Arizona and other jurisdictions, laws regulate behavior. Statutes covering sexual violations and indecent acts seek to protect the public. Of course, those accused of crimes have a right to a defense and a presumption of innocence. Each case requires a specific review based on the circumstances and evidence.

A person may commit indecent acts when he or she exposes him or herself or behaves sexually in public. The charges could be misdemeanors or felonies based on the specifics. When the victim is a minor, the charges likely rise to a felony level.

The police and prosecutors take violations of sex crime laws seriously. The laws intend to protect the public from harm. If someone were to grab another person in a sexual manner without his or her permission, the harm appears physical. But there are also psychological issues the victim may face. Therefore, a person guilty of such crimes could face civil litigation as well.

That said, was the person accused of the crime adequately identified? If the perpetrator wore a mask or committed an indecent act from a distance, was it possible to correctly identify him or her? Did the police arrest the right person? And then there are concerns about outright false accusations made to harm someone for dubious purposes.

No one wishes to undermine a sex crime victim’s legitimate claim. However, an experienced defense attorney will look at the proverbial big picture to make sure his or her client’s rights are not violated. With mistaken identity cases, prosecuting the wrong person does not take actual criminals off the street.

Anyone facing charges related to sex crimes likely benefit from speaking with a defense attorney. A lawyer can mount a legitimate defense, negotiate a plea bargain and otherwise represent the accused in court.

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