DUI Charges as a Minor

In this blog post, we will examine some of the legal issues and consequences that young people may have to deal with if they are facing DUI charges. When people think about the typical driver who is pulled over for being under the influence, they may think of someone in their twenties, thirties or older. However, it is very important to realize that many minors are charged with drunk driving as well—and the consequences can destroy their futures.

dui arrest Potential Consequences of a DUI as a Minor

There are a lot of potential ways in which drunk driving charges could derail your life, not only from a temporary standpoint but down the road also.

  • Difficulty in school or during your pursuit of a college education.
  • Certain job opportunities may be out of the question because of your record.
  • Difficulty with friends and family members who look down on you.
  • Lose your ability to drive, which can get in the way of your academic, professional and social life.

Understand Your Legal Options

Some young people are unaware of their legal rights and their parents may not be of very much assistance during this time, especially if they are upset with their child for the situation. You should make sure that you have a clear understanding of your options and do what is best for your life. This could be a turning point in your life and the way in which your DUI case is approached could have a huge impact on your future.

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