Why Might a Criminal Conviction be Appealed?

Being convicted of a crime is a serious legal matter. It can mean that a Mesa resident will be separated from their family in order to serve a sentence of incarceration or that they may be required to meet other conditions of their sentencing. While some individuals choose to serve their sentences and carry out the expectations of their criminal justice system, others elect to appeal their convictions in order to overcome the punishments they have been wrongly given. This post will provide an overview of why a criminal conviction may be appealed.

court room Error Committed at Trial

One of the main reasons that a criminal case should be appealed is if there is a plain error committed at the trial level. While some minor errors that have no bearing on the defendant or the outcome of the case may not be significant enough to warrant an appeal, errors related to the application of the laws can form the basis of criminal appeals.

Court Ruling Didn’t Match Law

Also, a criminal matter may be appealed if a court handed out a ruling that did not match the law. This is known as an errant ruling and can happen when courts fail to stay within the bounds of their legal discretion while making decisions related to criminal matters.

Other grounds may serve as the basis for criminal appeals, and readers who have been convicted of crimes in Arizona are encouraged to speak with their defense attorneys about how they may seek appeals of their matters. An appeal may allow a person to have a new trial and a new opportunity to plead their defenses for their rights and freedom.

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