What Are the Consequences for Evading Police to Avoid a DUI?

Arizona police have really cracked down in recent years on people who decide to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. 2017 saw tens of thousands more people pulled over, but luckily, the total number of DUI arrests only increased a little bit. This proves that more people have decided to avoid driving after a night of drinking.

It is natural for people to feel scared when they see police lights behind them. It can be scarier if that person even had one alcoholic drink that evening. There are numerous defenses one can make in court to get out of a DUI conviction, but you should absolutely never try to evade the police when they attempt to pull you over.

Potential Consequences for Evading Police in Arizona

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Class 5 Felony

In Arizona, most DUI cases are misdemeanors. However, evading the police is a Class 5 felony, and the act of not pulling over can result in more serious consequences than the DUI itself. Arizona’s laws state that anyone who avoids a clearly marked police vehicle can receive even further penalties. However, “evading police” is not the only charge a driver can rack up.

Reckless Driving Charge

In the event the driver travels well over the speed limit, it is possible the police will also slap the individual with reckless driving charges.

Unlawful Flight Charge

In the event that a person pulls over and tries to evade the police on foot, that also constitutes unlawful flight.


Punishments for Evading Police

First-Time Offenses

For first-time offenses, it is possible for the court to mitigate the consequences. However, that punishment can still include up to six months in jail. The penalties only get more severe for subsequent offenses.

Aggravated Evasion of Police

For aggravated evasion of police, the punishment can include up to two and a half years in prison.


While there are various defenses to this charge, such as not being aware that the cops wanted to pull you over specifically, it is better for everyone to pull off to the side of the road when they see cops behind them flashing their lights.

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