Ways people make a DUI arrest harder than it needs to be

Arizona police have really cracked down on drunk drivers in recent years. In 2017, police made over 93,000 more traffic stops than in the previous year. However, the actual number of arrests only increased slightly, which suggests many Arizona residents avoid getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking.

Unfortunately, many people make the situation more difficult on themselves when the police pull them over and arrest them for drunk driving. It is possible to mount a defense, but if someone does the following, then the case becomes much harder.

Admits to drinking

Many officers will directly ask, “Did you have anything to drink tonight?” Some people mistakenly assume that if they admit to drinking “just one beer” the officer will go easy on them. That is not the case. In fact, admitting to drinking anything gives the officer probable cause to make an arrest. The driver can simply state that he or she does not wish to answer that question.

Speaks rudely to an officer

Many people are distrustful of police, and they may come across as confrontational if they feel the cops pulled them over unjustly. If the officer perceives the behavior as rude, then he or she may have probable cause to believe the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Drivers should comply with all of the officer’s demands, and if the officer asks for license and registration, then they should hand it over without a fuss.

Talks to police without a lawyer present

At the police station, law enforcement will talk to the driver. He or she should not answer any questions until having a chance to consult with a lawyer in private. The prosecutor can use anything the driver says to make a case against him or her in court.

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