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Take a stand against violent crime charges

When it comes to criminal charges, no charge is particularly good to have to defend against. An Arizona resident who has been accused of a crime may be fearful of the allegations made against them and may not know what types of punishments are in store for them if they are convicted. However, as a general practice, the more damage an alleged crime inflicts on the public, the more serious their sanctions may be if they are convicted.

A person may face a very different sentence for a conviction on petty theft than they may on a murder charge. Violent crimes like murder, rape and aggravated assault are considered heinous under the law and are severely penalized to both punish alleged wrongdoers and to discourage others from performing similar criminal acts. To this end, if a person is wrongfully charged with a violent crime, they may need to plans carefully to fight to preserve their future and freedom.

At our law firm, we believe that every person who is charged with a crime is entitled to a strong defense and legal support. The firm’s team does not shy away from clients who are facing serious violent crime charges and advocates for those whose are facing charges based on bad evidence, shoddy police practices and other damaging issues.

A conviction on a single violent crime charge can cause a person to lose years of their life in prison and to lose the freedom they enjoyed. Every criminal defendant deserves a chance, and the Nolan Law Firm is available to support our criminal defense clients.

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