Police can arrest a driver with a BAC lower than 0.08

In most states, the legal limit of the amount of alcohol people can have in their systems when driving a car is 0.08. Numerous organizations lobbied the government to lower the limit over the years, and many groups continue to believe that legally lowering the limit more will further reduce the number of alcohol-related car crashes.

However, even though 0.08 is the blood alcohol concentration limit in many states, police officers can still cite drivers if they have any amount of alcohol in their systems. While many people think they are fine to drive after just one drink, it is always best to have someone else get behind the wheel.

Cop decides how impaired the driver is

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Some people will enter an intoxicated mindset after just one beer while other people can consume three or four drinks and feel fine. Regardless of what the driver’s BAC is, the person can still exhibit behavior that indicates he or she should not operate a vehicle at that time.

Police officers require probable cause to pull a driver over, and the cops can certainly pull someone over if they witness swerving between lanes or excessive speeding. When the cops pull the person over, they will keep an eye on any behavior that shows the person is under the influence of alcohol, such as being unable to answer basic questions or being unable to maintain eye contact.

Impaired to the slightest degree

Arizona law states the cops can arrest drivers who are even slightly impaired by drugs or alcohol when they are in control of vehicles. Most of the time, the charge will be a Class 1 misdemeanor, but it will still remain on the individual’s record. If you believe alcohol has impaired your cognitive faculties even in the slightest, you are better off allowing someone else to take you home.

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