NFL players issued arrest warrants for robbery

Football fans in Arizona might be interested in learning that arrest warrants have been issued for two NFL cornerbacks. Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks and DeAndre Baker of the New York Giants are wanted for multiple counts of robbery following an incident that allegedly occurred at a cookout in Florida.

Alleged robbery incident

According to officers with the Miramar Police Department in Florida, Baker, Dunbar and an unnamed person attended a party in Florida. While they were there, they got involved in an argument. Witnesses allege that Baker had a semi-automatic weapon and took money and valuables from some of the guests at the party. Dunbar reportedly helped him collect the money and valuables, including a Hublot watch worth $25,000 and a Rolex worth $18,000. Baker reportedly told the third person to shoot one of the guests, but the third person did not fire any shots. Following the incident, witnesses said that the three left in vehicles that were parked in such a way to allow a quick exit.

Allegations of prior gambling debt dispute

According to a witness, Baker and Dunbar lost more than $70,000 a week before the alleged robbery at a party in Miami, Florida. The witness said that some of the money that was lost by the pair was due to gambling during high-stakes card games. Dunbar’s attorney stated that five witnesses can exonerate Dunbar and claimed that the police have moved too quickly without properly investigating what happened.

Baker was drafted by the Giants during the first round in 2019. Dunbar spent five seasons with the Washington Redskins before being picked up by the Seahawks in 2019 in exchange for a fifth-round pick. Both men are facing four counts of armed robbery. Baker is also facing four counts of aggravated assault for allegedly carrying a firearm during the incident.

Being accused of committing a violent crime does not mean that the defendants are guilty. People who are facing serious charges may want to retain experienced criminal law attorneys as early as possible. The lawyers may be able to investigate what happened and try to find evidence that calls the prosecutors’ cases against their clients into question.

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