Defense Strategies When a Person is Falsely Accused of a Crime

false accusation Any criminal charge can derail a Mesa resident’s future, but allegations of violent conduct can result in incarceration and other serious consequences. When an Arizona resident is falsely accused of committing a violent crime, they should work diligently with their criminal defense attorney to prepare a strong case for their innocence. That case may include some of the defense strategies outlined in the rest of this post.

1. Innocent until proven guilty

One of the most fundamental tenants of the American criminal justice system is that a criminal defendant should not be considered guilty until they are proven to be so under the law. Therefore, a person should be considered innocent until a prosecutor successfully builds and tries a criminal case against them.

2. Alibi testimonies

Additionally, a criminal defendant may include in their innocence defense the testimony of individuals who can refute their involvement in the commission of the alleged crime. A person who can honestly say that the defendant was not present at the scene of the alleged crime gives that defendant an alibi and a strong defense to their pending criminal charges.

3. Failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt

Finally, it is up to a prosecutor to make a complete case against a criminal defendant in order to secure a conviction. If the prosecutor fails to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, then a criminal defendant may be able to overcome their charges and find their freedom.

The innocence-based defense strategies mentioned in this post are not exhaustive of all defenses criminal defendants may have available to them. As such, it is important that readers speak with their own criminal defense attorneys to get case-specific advice since this post provides no legal guidance.

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