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Understanding Ignition Interlock Devices in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Apr 10, 2019

Despite the police force’s best efforts, many Arizona residents continue to drink and drive. In fact, some evidence suggests that more people than ever before drive while drunk. Over the most recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend, police arrested 366 people for DUI, which was a slight increase from the same weekend last year. Upon arrest, drivers…

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signing a plea deal

3 Signs You May Have Accepted a Bad Plea Deal

By The Nolan Law Firm | Mar 12, 2019

Like most of your friends, you do what you can to stay on the right side of the law. Nonetheless, life has a way of intervening. While no one wants to be a defendant in a criminal prosecution, how you proceed may have a significant effect on your future. Arizona’s criminal courts are often busy places. Because…

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DUI car crash

How Much Can an Arizona DUI Raise Your Insurance Rates?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Mar 12, 2019

It is no secret that Arizona has some of the harshest driving under the influence laws in the country, and the consequences you will likely face after a DUI conviction are considerable. Even first-time drunk drivers can anticipate facing some harsh penalties, among them jail time, fines, and a suspended license. The repercussions associated with…

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Being stopped for a DUI in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Mar 5, 2019

Surrendering the keys after drinking alcohol is the best way to avoid a conviction. However, motorists may face drunk driving charges after leaving a party and being pulled over by police. Drivers should undertake precautions to help protect against a conviction. The legal limit for drunk driving is .08 percent blood alcohol content, but charges may be filed in…

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Cocaine and marihuana in packages

5 Drugs that are Commonly Abused

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 22, 2018

There are a lot of drugs that people use, misuse, and become addicted to. Illicit drugs can have a significant impact on the lives of users. Not only can illegal substances cause a variety of health effects, but they can come with criminal consequences as well. Due to the fact that there are so many addictive…

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Is Expungement Possible in Arizona?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Oct 18, 2018

Few things are more frustrating than having a criminal record that prevents you from gaining employment, housing, federal grants for school, and other benefits. You may wonder if there is a way to clear your criminal history or expunge it. Unfortunately, Arizona is not a state that allows for expungement except for juvenile offenders who…

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What Are the Consequences for Evading Police to Avoid a DUI?

By The Nolan Law Firm | Sep 23, 2018

Arizona police have really cracked down in recent years on people who decide to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. 2017 saw tens of thousands more people pulled over, but luckily, the total number of DUI arrests only increased a little bit. This proves that more people have decided to avoid driving after a night of…

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Understanding Arizona’s Homicide Laws

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jun 13, 2018

If you kill someone in Arizona, with or without the intention to do so, that is a homicide. But did you know that Arizona law specifies four types of homicide for which you could face charges? It is true. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death you allegedly caused, you could face prosecution for one of the following four…

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What To Do After a DUI Arrest in Arizona

By The Nolan Law Firm | Jan 13, 2018

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a significant contributing factor to the number of car crashes in the state of Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, 4,923 alcohol-related collisions took place in 2016. There are certain things a person can expect after a DUI arrest. You have a right to stay silent and not…

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