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Drug Possession and Trafficking Laws in Arizona

If you receive a drug possession conviction in Arizona, the state may impose felony-level penalties. The exact consequences for this crime vary by the circumstances of your case, including any history of prior convictions, the type and amount of substance, and whether evidence exists to support the intent to distribute…

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Do you understand how appeals work?

There may come a time when you find yourself not only in handcuffs but also behind bars in an Arizona jail cell. Should your case proceed so far that you have to go before a judge to receive a verdict, you may decide to appeal the decision. The American Bar…

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The Appeals Process in Arizona

Finding yourself convicted of a crime in Arizona may leave you in a bind. You may face charges and consequences you never thought you would have to deal with, and contemplating it is overwhelming you. Conviction does not always mean you have to face the sentence imposed by the court. Some situations…

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Appealing a Criminal Conviction May Take a Long Time

If a judge or jury has convicted you of a felony offense in the Grand Canyon State, you have a right to appeal your conviction. Furthermore, if you are facing a death sentence, your matter has an automatic appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. You should realize, though, that appeals…

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Does Arizona Have a “Make My Day” Law?

Most states have some kind of legislation that protects people who are defending themselves and their property from being liable for an assault or murder charge, and Arizona is no exception. The premise of Arizona’s “castle doctrine” (or “stand your ground law” as it is sometimes called) is that if…

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3 Signs You May Have Accepted a Bad Plea Deal

Like most of your friends, you do what you can to stay on the right side of the law. Nonetheless, life has a way of intervening. While no one wants to be a defendant in a criminal prosecution, how you proceed may have a significant effect on your future. Arizona’s criminal courts…

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Being stopped for a DUI in Arizona

Surrendering the keys after drinking alcohol is the best way to avoid a conviction. However, motorists may face drunk driving charges after leaving a party and being pulled over by police. Drivers should undertake precautions to help protect against a conviction. The legal limit for drunk driving is .08 percent blood alcohol content, but…

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What is Indecent Exposure?

As a rule, social convention has made it commonplace for Americans to ensure that they are fully dressed when they walk out of their homes. Stated differently, Mesa residents generally do not go out in public naked or without articles of clothing on that hide from view their private body…

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