Arizona woman accused of concealing meth in chip bag

An Arizona woman was taken into custody on narcotics charges in Tempe on June 9 after she allegedly attempted to conceal about 3 pounds of methamphetamine by placing it in a potato chip bag. The 34-year-old Mesa resident has been charged with possessing a dangerous controlled substance with the intent to sell, conducting an illegal enterprise and conspiracy to transport and distribute illegal drugs. The woman was denied bail because she had been charged with possessing and selling drugs on at least two prior occasions. She is being detained at the Maricopa County Jail.

Detectives observe woman and then move in

Tempe Police Department detectives and investigators from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office say that they moved in to arrest the woman after she received what they believed to be methamphetamine from a supplier. They say that they approached the woman as she was entering a car. According to media reports, the woman attempted to avoid arrest by fleeing the scene on foot. Detectives and investigators say that they apprehended her after a brief pursuit. When they searched the vehicle, investigators say that they discovered methamphetamine concealed in a potato chip bag. They also claim to have noticed the woman holding the bag as she approached the car.

Two previous drug arrests

The woman faced similar charges in October 2019 when she was allegedly found in possession of methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl along with items often used to package and sell drugs. She was taken into custody again in December 2019 when detectives allegedly found more than 12 pounds of methamphetamine in a backpack she was carrying. Detectives involved in the second arrest say the woman attempted to elude them by leaving the scene in a motor vehicle.

Resisting the urge to flee law enforcement

Attempts to flee law enforcement are almost always unsuccessful, and they also give police and prosecutors an opportunity to file additional charges. If you find yourself in a situation where arrest seems imminent, experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely advise you to resist the urge to flee. This is because fleeing suspects look guilty, and attempts to elude police make it more difficult for their lawyers to negotiate favorable plea agreements.

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