Arizona Misdemeanor DUI Charges

When you are charged with a DUI in Arizona, you need an aggressive DUI attorney who will defend you and your rights to make sure that you are treated fairly and within the guidelines of the law. Nolan Law is here for you 24/7 to protect you and your rights if or when you are pulled over and charged for such offenses. But 99 times out of 100 your attorney isn’t going to be there during a DUI stop which is why we want to provide you with a few details about Arizona DUI laws and the different classifications of drinking and driving offenses.

1. In Arizona, it is unlawful to drive or be in physical control of any vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicating liquor, drug, vapor, or a combination of any of the aforementioned.
2. In Arizona, it is unlawful to drive or be in physical control of any vehicle and have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or above within 2 hours of driving.
3. In Arizona, it is unlawful to drive or be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle with a BAC of .15 or more within two hours of driving.
4. In Arizona, it is unlawful to drive or be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle with a BAC of .20 or more within two hours of driving.

Each of these offenses is different and can be considered separate charges. Often times the offender will be charged with 2 or more of the above-listed offenses. For example, if you are charged with a DUI of above 0.08 you could be charged with the first two, and if your BAC is above .20 you may be charged with all four. This is why you need an aggressive DUI attorney in order to help protect your rights and keep you from being unfairly sentenced.

Penalties for First Offense DUI

beer with handcuffs Jail Time

DUI penalties also differ for first-time and repeat offenders. However, the laws in Arizona are harsh for anyone convicted of DUI. The current statute requires that a first-time offender spend at least 10 consecutive days in jail; however, a skilled and qualified attorney may be able to get the court to suspend all but 24 hours of the sentence if the offender completes an alcohol and substance abuse counseling program.

If the offender does not complete the program within a specific amount of time they could be sent back to jail to finish out the remainder of the required jail time. Since the statute states the time must be consecutive, you will not receive credit for the first 24 hours served. In addition to the mandatory jail time, the statutes also require a fine of not less than $425 plus surcharges, administrative fees, and court costs.

Community Service and Probation

The court may also require that a first-time offender perform up to 40 hours of community service and attend a class called the Victim Impact Panel sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In addition, the offender will also be placed on 12 months probation which can be monitored or unmonitored depending on the court’s ruling.

Ignition Interlock Device

Lastly, the court will require an ignition interlock device for a minimum of 6 months to be placed in your vehicle, which comes with a monthly fee that typically starts at $79 per month. The device must be maintained monthly otherwise it will lock and you will not be able to start your car until you pay to have the company come out to your location in order to unlock the device.

Hire an Aggressive DUI Attorney

By hiring an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney in Arizona, you can minimize the amount of jail time and fines you will face. The right attorney can even ensure you that you qualify for a work-release program to help you keep your job and livelihood. Without an attorney, you’re left to the mercy of the court and likely to face severe penalties that you might otherwise avoid.

We at Nolan Law always advise that you do not drive while under the influence; however if you are pulled over and charged with a DUI or DWI, your first step is to call an Arizona DUI attorney. We are available for you 24/7 so keep our number saved in your phone and make sure to tell the police that you need to contact your attorney before you consent to or say anything further. If you have already been charged with a DUI or DWI, contact the Nolan Law Firm for a free consultation at (480) 613-4309.

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