Are you eligible for drug court in Maricopa County?

A Maricopa County drug charge often brings with it considerable penalties. Many of these penalties seek to hold you accountable for your actions, rather than provide you with the tools you need to get better. Maricopa County drug courts, however, present a potential alternative to traditional penalties. If you gain entry into one, you may find that it helps you make lasting and necessary changes in your life.

Drug courts combine the efforts of judges, probation officers, public defenders and counselors and give participants a chance to undergo treatment and counseling that may help them kick their habits. If you qualify for one, expect to undergo regular drug testing between five and eight times a month. You should also count on attending group counseling sessions and support group meetings, among other possible obligations.

Eligibility requirements

How may you know if you are potentially eligible for drug court in Maricopa County? To qualify for enrollment, you must have committed a felony offense that requires you to participate in at least two years of probation. You must also meet the criteria for being either “medium-high risk” or “high risk” based on current risk assessment standards. You must, too, have a history of moderate-to-severe substance abuse. Residential requirements also apply, meaning that you must demonstrate that you live within the drug court supervision area.

Understanding ineligibility

There are also certain circumstances that make you ineligible to participate in a Maricopa County drug court. Individuals with drug sales convictions are typically not eligible, for example. Those involved in standalone first-strike Prop. 200 cases are also typically ineligible to participate, and those with serious mental health issues may not qualify for drug court.

Maricopa County’s drug courts are not for everyone. However, if you enroll in and complete one, you may find that it helps you beat your substance abuse problem once and for all.

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