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Have you been arrested for DUI in Mesa, AZ? The Nolan Law Firm is an aggressive Mesa DUI lawyer who will quickly represent your case. Mesa, Arizona, is located about 20 miles east of Phoenix. Although a suburb of one of the nation’s largest cities, more than 450,000 residents call Mesa home, making it Arizona’s third largest city. Mesa, AZ also ranks as America’s 38th largest city.

When Arizona’s real estate market booms, Mesa grows along with the rest of the Phoenix metropolitan area. However, the far eastern portion of Mesa, AZ still contains active farmland, leaving houses and commercial areas spread out over a large area. This low population density means traffic is relatively light. As you drive west toward Phoenix, population density increases, along with traffic.

Mesa is generally safe, with property crimes far outnumbering crimes against people. In 2012, Mesa police reported 14,140 property crimes compared to 1,805 property crimes.

Because Mesa is spread out and driving ranks as the most common form of transportation around town, DUIs are common. A Mesa DUI attorney is the best person to help you fight these serious charges and negotiate the best possible outcome with court.

A DUI conviction can have lasting impacts on your life, from lost driving privileges to time spent in jail. Don’t take a chance on your future — contact Nolan Law Firm to strategize ways to minimize the damage.

Arizona’s DUI laws rank among the nation’s strictest, and Mesa police hit the streets en masse to enforce these laws. Occasional DUI checkpoints and ramped up enforcement on holidays are common occurrences.

If police arrest you for driving under the influence in Mesa, AZ, call a DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

The blood alcohol threshold in Mesa, Arizona is .08, and courts consider anything higher than .15 to be an extreme DUI. For basic DUI, punishments can include at least 24 hours in jail and fines totaling more than $1,000. For extreme DUIs, people found guilty can spend up to 45 days in jail and potentially pay more than $3,000 in fines.

Arizona DUI law prohibits attorneys from asking the court to reduce charges, but a DUI attorney can help you by either convincing the court to drop charges all together or, if the court finds you guilty, fighting for the lightest sentence possible.

A Mesa DUI attorney can help you evaluate your case and identify any areas that offer the opportunity to challenge police. For example, perhaps a DUI lawyer can prove that police had no reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle or perform field sobriety tests.

Under the United States Constitution, police don’t have the right to stop citizens without proper suspicion. Sometimes DWI attorneys can use this right to your advantage, and help you get out of DUI charges.

Know that you have the right to refuse a police officer’s request to take a field sobriety test. Instead of submitting to the test, which can lead to incriminating evidence for an officer to use against you in court, ask to speak with a DWI attorney.

Know that any answers you give to police officers’ questions could be used against you during trial, so try to avoid speaking. Wait until speaking with a Mesa DUI attorney, who can advise you on the best course of action.

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