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Experienced Arizona DUI Attorney

Arizona DUI laws and their penalties have become more extreme over the years and the science behind defending your rights has become increasingly more complex. Being charged with a DUI is often an overwhelming experience, leaving you feeling like you have no way out and your options are minimal. Todd and Cari Nolan are the Arizona DUI Attorney’s you can count on because if there is a way out, we will find it! Both the United States and Arizona Constitutions afford you rights that are worth defending and most of all, your freedom is worth protecting.

Todd E. Nolan is an experienced Arizona DUI Attorney to help you mount an effective defense in your DUI case. With over a decade of experience dealing with Arizona DUI cases, DUI Attorney Todd E. Nolan will guide you through the entire process.

To get a fair trial in an Arizona DUI case, you need a DUI Attorney with the experience necessary to fight for your rights; that’s why you need to call The Nolan Law Firm to start your DUI defense today. Waiting can only damage your case; you need an aggressive Arizona DUI Attorney working for you right now.

Already Convicted of a DUI?

Cari McConeghy-Nolan is an experienced, aggressive appellate DUI attorney who can help you mount an appeal in your Arizona DUI case. You only have a limited amount of time to appeal your DUI conviction, and The Nolan Law Firm can help, but you must act fast.

Our goal is to protect you and educate you in the meantime, whether you are curious about Arizona DUI laws and resources, or need to understand what a DUI defense attorney can do for you, we have the answers. We are the husband and wife Arizona DUI team you can count on. Contact us now for a free case evaluation

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