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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Mesa AZ

The Nolan Law Firm in Mesa, Arizona is an aggressive criminal defense attorney with a track record for representing criminal cases including DUI, appellate, white-collar, homicide, drug, sex-crimes and other criminal charges. Mesa, AZ ranks as the Arizona’s third largest city, behind Phoenix and Tucson, and the 38th largest city in the country. Mesa sits about 20 miles east of Phoenix in the East Valley. As of 2012, roughly 452,000 people lived in Mesa, AZ, according to the Census Bureau, making it larger than more well-known cities such as Miami, Fla., and Minneapolis, Minn. Mesa, AZ spans 136,000 square miles and has a population density of 3,217 people per square mile.

Mesa’s median age is 34, according the city’s Office of Economic Development. The city’s median household income is $49,872, which falls below the state median income of $50,752. Poverty rates, however, fall below statewide averages. The city’s largest employers include Banner Health Systems, Mesa Public Schools and The Boeing Company. Major industries include healthcare, education, tourism and aerospace.

Because Mesa is in Arizona, residents and visitors are subject to the same criminal laws as other parts of Arizona. Crime rates are generally similar to state averages, and lower than rates in Phoenix. Mesa, AZ’s violent crime rate is 4.13 per 1,000 residents and the property crime rate is 34 per 1,000 residents. Compare that to Phoenix’s violent crime rate of 5.52 per 1,000 and its property crime rate of 44.02 per 1,000 residents.

In Mesa, AZ, the most common crimes are property crimes, with 14,140 reported in 2012. The most commonly reported property crime was shoplifting, with 4,185 cases reported.

For crimes against people, simple assault was the most frequently reported crime, with 5,140 incidents reported. Assault can range in severity from threatening to hurt another person to actually harming them.

Criminal laws ranging from shoplifting to assault are all considered seriously by Arizona judges, and one of our Mesa criminal attorneys, can help your case.

If you have been arrested and charged for allegedly breaking a criminal law, you’ll want an excellent Mesa criminal attorney who thoroughly understands Arizona law. An experienced criminal lawyer will listen to your case and identify ways to either convince a judge to drop the charges against you or to sentence you with the least harsh punishment possible.

Take assault, for example, which the Mesa, AZ court system doesn’t take lightly, and which a criminal lawyer can help defend against. Criminal defense attorneys help people charged with assault navigate the courts, understand the laws, their rights and what they have to do to increase the chances for a successful trial, if the case goes to trial. Potential punishments for assault include one year in jail and $2,500 in fines.

No matter what type of criminal law charge you face, taking proactive steps and hiring the best Mesa criminal attorney can help you defend yourself from the maximum penalties, including months or years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Not to mention that criminal convictions often stay on your record and can affect your future ability to get jobs or housing.

Criminal defense attorneys help clients like you every day by uncovering opportunities for defense, including possible police misconduct or any violations of your rights.

No matter what the charge, you have rights. A Mesa, AZ criminal law firm takes seriously the responsibility of defending all clients. The courts can be confusing and criminal laws change frequently. A criminal lawyer tracks these changes in law and can guide you through the legal process. Contact The Nolan Law Firm in Mesa, AZ if you have been accused of a crime and would like to discuss your options.

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