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Gilbert, AZ DUI Attorneys

The Nolan Law Firm PLLC is a DUI attorney in Gilbert, AZ, specializing in tough DUI cases. Gilbert, AZ is a quaint Arizona town located east of Phoenix. The town’s strong agricultural roots are still present today despite rapid development and population growth. A bustling main drag features restaurants, shops and nearby open space that hosts weekly farmer’s markets and occasional art fairs.

Roughly 220,000 residents call Gilbert home. The average resident is 31 years old with a bachelor’s degree, a job working in management or other professional capacity and a household income of $80,000.

Gilbert, AZ residents travel on average 27 minutes to work each day, which is higher than the statewide average of just under 25 minutes daily. With so many people driving, traffic accidents are bound to happen. The town’s most dangerous intersection is located at Baseline and Higley roads, with 44 accidents occurring in 2011. Most crashes occur on the main streets running east and west. Guadalupe Road, for example, has seven intersections that rank as top car-crash sites. Warner and Elliot roads tie for second.

The north-south running Val Vista Road, however, tops the charts for most dangerous streets, with eight intersections attracting anywhere from 16 to 37 crashes each in 2011, according to town records.

Gilbert police are very strict, and often run DUI checkpoints to snag inebriated motorists. If you have fallen victim to the Gilbert’s traffic police, contacting a Gilbert DUI attorney can help you avoid the worst penalties.

Gilbert, like all Arizona towns, carries strict DUI laws intended to dissuade motorists from drinking and driving. If you get pulled over and police find you have a blood alcohol content of .08, you will get arrested for a DUI. Blood alcohol levels in excess of .15 are considered extreme DUI cases and carry harsher penalties.

A DUI lawyer knows the laws inside and out. A DUI attorney will review your case with you and search for ways to convince a judge to drop the charges, or at the very least, minimize the penalties.

Potential points of contention include whether a Gilbert, AZ police officer had the right to pull you over and whether he followed all the proper Arizona rules and procedures once he pulled you over. No matter what crime you have been charged with, you have rights and the court’s responsibility is to ensure that your rights haven’t been violated. A DWI attorney will make sure that happens.

Arizona DUI laws change frequently and a skilled DUI lawyer is necessary to help you reduce the impact this incident has on your life. A Gilbert DUI attorney will help keep you out of jail, work to decrease the amount of fines the court makes you pay and will fight for the lightest possible sentence.

Calling a Gilbert DUI attorney as soon as possible helps to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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